Switching to bralettes after wearing bras for years can be tricky. If you're looking for the right bralette, Jady K can help you. We have different styles, colors, and sizes. You can browse our website or visit our store in Mount Juliet. We understand how awful it can be to spend the whole day with back pain because of bras.

We've won 2 times the "Best of Mount Juliet" award, and we aim to keep providing our customers with exceptional assistance and pieces. Our bralettes can be used for daily tasks or special occasions; you can pair them with different types of clothing and take out the very best of them. Purchase our bralettes ASAP and forget about bras!


Get To Know Our Collections

Body Hugging Bralettes

These bralettes are made to provide you with the right lift and support throughout the whole day. With soft and high-quality materials, you'll be able to execute your daily tasks without worries or back pain. You can find them in soft colors, perfect to be worn alone with leggings or under any shirt.

Unstoppable Patterns

Our different animal print and camo patterns will make you look fierce. With bold colors and comfortable designs, you'll be able to rock them and enjoy your daily activities with them. With our JadyK OG Camo and JadyK OG Leopard, you'll get some lace fabric to look sexy without ditching comfort.

Lace Me Up Collection

Our Lace Me Up Collection is all about being comfortably sexy. You can get these lace bralettes in soft colors like sage green and pale pink and bright colors like yellow and red. With these designs, your figure will look amazing, and you'll get the proper support and lift; your back won't get damaged in the process!

Daily With Me Collection

This collection consists of seamless and comfortable designs for you to use these lounge bralettes every day, the whole day. They're made of nylon and spandex, prioritizing your comfort while giving you the perfect lift to enhance your looks.

2023 Summer Bralette Collection

These bralettes are made to keep you comfortable, fresh, and stylish during summer with a fantastic color scheme from pale to bright colors. We have many styles, and our sizes are all-inclusive. If you're looking for something sexy that also provides comfort, these are for you.

Jady K Provides Outstanding Assistance & Products In Mount Juliet, TN

At Jady K, our staff is well-prepared to assist you in everything you need, be it with questions through our website and social media or in person at our store in Mount Juliet. If you can't find the right size or style for you, reach out to us. 

Our collections are made to give you comfort and style at the same time, and we've been accomplishing it so far. Be part of the Jady K family today!



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