JadyK News

JadyK Beautique was named Best Clothing Boutique in Mt. Juliet. The “beautique” offers
shoppers a selection of unique affordable clothing options and accessories.
Jady Kasinger created an online support group in 2015 to help motivate and empower women.
She eventually began selling clothes on Facebook, and after a few years, she opened her first
store in Mt. Juliet.
When walking into the boutique, customers are immediately greeted with the a smile and a
warm welcome, as customer service is their first priority.
The most recognizable part of JadyK is the pink bicycle logo, which Jady said represents
freedom for women. A goal of her boutique is to show women that they have the choice to
wear or do anything they want and can achieve their dreams.
Empowerment and support are important to Jady because she understands how hard life can
be without encouragement. She grew up in Hong Kong and was in and out of foster care
throughout her childhood. The difficulties she overcame throughout her life have made her
stronger and taught her to never give up. Jady has learned that determination and
perseverance are a sign of success, and she wants to pass that along to her customers.
JadyK gets new arrivals every week, all of which are handpicked by Jady. The clothing is realistic
and comfortable, but still contemporary and fashionable. Aside from the clothing she chooses,
she also designs some with her wholesale business. Local vendors also have some jewelry and
candles available for purchase at the boutique.
Jady was very happy and grateful after learning her customers chose her as Mt. Juliet's best
clothing boutique, calling it a dream come true. She never thought so many people would vote
for a business that has only been in the area for two years, but she sees the honor as a report
card of how she runs her boutique.
Jady wants her customers to have the best experience while shopping and makes a point of
talking to everyone who comes in and getting to know them. She wants them to be
comfortable and to know that JadyK can be a safe place for them, because they are the reason
she is here.
JadyK Beautique is located at 14625 Lebanon Road, Suite C, in Old Hickory.