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JadyK Wholesale

Welcome To JadyK Wholesale! Now looking for the next trends much easier!

Now shopping for next trendy items for your well-established boutique will become much easy with JadyK Wholesale! I have tons of experiences as far as trading with oversea, to the farther advantage of this, I am Chinese decent and I have such a trusted and great manufactures who working with me with inside scoops other won't have. Now, you don't have to look any farther, I will bring the latest items to you! All items are very low stock, then we will start doing pre-order and we will let you know details! We won't let you hanging! 🖤

*You must be a boutique owner, the reseller with proper permit, EIN or reseller license must be submitted before purchasing. We have the right to refused any orders once documentation is a failure to provide.

Please provide your application( on Wholesale Group) and your documents to this e-mail below: for approval!

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